Malocclusion – a very common problem.
Occlusion anomalies begin to form in early childhood. The reasons can be hereditary factors, nutrition and bad habits. For the first time, we recommend your child to see an orthodontist at the age of 6. An orthodontist will offer you occlusion monitoring or early orthodontic treatment that involves the use of functional apparatus. These devices affect the growth of the jaws and allow you to form a correct occlusion during the growth period.

In adults, when the jaw growth is already complete, the orthodontist may offer modern orthodontic treatment using a variety of braces and aligners. Сrooked teeth and malocclusion are not only an aesthetic problem, it can also cause Diseases of the TMJ, increased tooth wear and periodontal disease.
Therefore, in difficult cases, the orthodontic doctor conducts joint treatment with other dental specialists and maxillofacial surgeons.

In summary, we would like to emphasize that the best solution is to take care of the bite from childhood. However, thanks to modern treatments and our professionalism, we are able to help in any difficult situation, regardless of the age.