Being open to price, agreeing on a treatment plan and its value with the patient before treatment is one of the principles of FenixDent CLINIC. Here are the prices for the main treatment. You will be able to discuss all financial aspects of the treatment in details in the clinic after your examination with doctor.

100 UAH
Photo registration
120 UAH
Aiming X-ray
80 UAH
Primary consultation of the orthodontist
200 UAH
Consultation of a specialist with the preparation of a treatment plan
180 UAH
Diagnostic admission of an orthodontist: calculation of TRG, diagnostic models, photographing, preparation of treatment plan
1000 UAH
Sealing of fissures
Professional hygiene throughout the oral cavity
Treatment of tooth parasthesia (sensitivity)
Teeth Whitening (Opalescence boost 40%)
Aesthetic micro-restoration
640 UAH
Artistic restoration of teeth by composite
1030 UAH
Artistic restoration of teeth in the smile area
1700 UAH
Tooth restoration under crown (build-up)
1170 UAH
Restoration of enamel by Iсon system
1525 UAH
Root canal diagnosis, treatment plan
350 UAH
First aid for acute pain
750 UAH
Treatment of root canals under the microscope
1050 UAH
Retreatment of root canals
1920 UAH
Metal (classic) two-jaw brace system
17500 UAH
Self-ligature metal two jaws brace system
25000 UAH
Self-ligature ceramic two jaws brace system
45000 UAH
Upper jaw extension apparatus (Hyrax)
6000 UAH
Twin Block Correction Apparatus
7000 UAH
Placeholder (Space Maker)
2100 UAH
The device for combating bad habits
from 3000 to 5000 UAH
Primary orthodontic consultation
200 UAH
Expanded orthodontic consultation (decryption of TRG, Panoramic image, biometric calculation of diagnostic models, preparation of treatment plan)
500 UAH
Crown / temporary veneer made of plastic
320 UAH
The metal-ceramic crown
2000 UAH
The entirely ceramic crown
4800 UAH
Crown on implant
2100 UAH
Author's veneer
5700 UAH
Implant placement
$ 350
Second stage of implantation (depends on the features of healing)
$ 40
Crown on implant
$ 90
Anesthesia/Pain relief
175 UAH
Extraction of permanent tooth
300- 750 UAH
Extraction of the eighth tooth
1200 UAH
Plastic lip narrower
900 UAH