Do you want to get the natural

“Hollywood” smile you’ve been dreaming

 about for a long time?

We will make your smile white in just 45-60 minutes with the most innovative Opalescence Boost system
The formula P (phosphorus) + Na (sodium) + F (fluorine) reduces the sensitivity and also restores the enamel structure after the procedure. This formula destroys the MYTH of the harmfulness of whitening which was spread 10 years ago by home-based whitening lovers based on hydrogen peroxide and soda.
Be sure that your teeth will stay healthy and intact.

It’s up to you to decide on which side of the white your smile will be.

So, dear patient, if you are already on this page, you know 100% that a preventive examination is required twice a year and ends with professional oral hygiene. Which is an important component in our clinic. Be tolerant with your interlocutors and co-workers, as bad breath is also a sign of dental plaque. Well, we will not talk about tooth decay and gum diseases, which are caused by dental deposits. So, dear visitor, now you understand that professional oral hygiene is not just a doctor’s trick, but a very important dental procedure is needed to maintain the health of not only the teeth but also all the body in general.